Viewers and Parsers for X12 EDI and NCPDP

Our X12 EDI viewer will help you make sense of any file or text in X12 EDI format with a particular emphasis on healthcare claim (837) and healthcare payment (835) transactions.

Our NCPDP viewer deciphers messages and files in NCPDP telecom/batch format. NCPDP is used for pharmacy claims and other pharmacy benefits-related transactions.

You can find many examples of viewers in action under “EDI by Example”, including medical and pharmacy claims.

We listed key features of our viewers and parsers below.

EDI and NCPDP Parsing

  • Support for all flavors of X12 EDI and NCPDP telecom and batch formats
  • Each segment and element/field is annotated with a plain English description
  • Multiple ways of viewing an EDI/NCPDP file – as a concise string with mouseover or with elements and their values next to each other
  • Support for parsing any EDI fragment without uploading the entire transaction or headers. Note: if the ISA segment is not part of the input, the parser will use * as the element separator, ~ as the segment terminator, and : as the component element separator.
  • All X12 codes and external codes (procedures codes, diagnosis, taxonomies, NDC) are decoded, just mouse over a code to see its description or click on it to see more details
  • You can upload multiple transactions in a single file
  • Our parser is fast; most files are processed in under a second

Supported Transactions

  • All flavors of 837 (claim) transactions (professional, institutional, dental)
  • 835 healthcare payment/advice
  • The rest of HIPAA transactions (eligibility, enrollment, etc.): 270, 271, 277, 278, 820, 834
  • Non-healthcare transactions: Purchase Order (850), Motor Carrier Load Tender (204), Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820), Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice (210), 830, 110, 309, 810, 856.
  • General EDI transactions, such as 997 and 999
  • NCPDP telecom transactions: B1, B2, B3, N1, N2, N3, E1, P1, P2, P3, P4
  • We’re constantly adding new transaction types; please sign up for updates

Healthcare Claim and Payment View

  • 837 (healthcare claim)/835 (payment) transactions are rendered in a user-friendly way without EDI artifacts, similar to an EHR or a claim processing system. You can still see the claim’s EDI representation on the “EDI View” tab.
  • You can also export claims and payments in JSON format using our edi-to-JSON API.

Data Privacy

  • Our parser does not use any intermediate files; parsing is performed entirely in memory
  • Uploaded files are saved only temporarily; once the file is parsed, it will be deleted from the file system
  • We log only headers and file names in our internal log files; log files are periodically deleted

We’re constantly improving our viewers and parsers; please sign up for our updates below: