EDI and 837/835 Claim/Payment Viewer Versions

Free Version

Our free EDI Viewer is based on our Claim Insight product. It exposes a small subset of its capabilities.

Additionally, the free version has the following limitations:

  • The total file size or input’s size is limited to 30,000 characters
  • No ability to save and subsequently retrieve and search parsed EDI data
  • One EDI file at a time
  • You can run the viewer locally on your laptop or your server; your data never leaves your network
  • Export in comma-separated (CSV) format suitable for Excel and other tools
  • Sophisticated search capabilities, including full-text search, search by codes, providers, patients, EDI segments, etc.
  • Dashboards and analytics, e.g., billed/paid amounts by providers, patients, and codes
  • The cloud version is HIPAA-compliant
  • Fully automated loading process, with detection of new files

To get access to the paid version please out the form below:

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