Healthcare Code Search and Lookup

Find codes, descriptions, NCCI edits, effective dates and categories for diagnoses, procedures, UB04 codes, and other healthcare and medical code sets.

Search by any code, multiple codes (comma-separated), or any word or multiple words from the description; see examples below. Click on any line to view the code’s details, including its edits and categories.

You can limit the search to specific fields using prefixes such as cat::Anesthesia (category) or codeDate:2023 (effective date for the code). See examples below of refer to the documentation for the complete list of fields and prefixes.

Use our free API to perform the search programmatically or to export code sets in the CSV format.

Are you dealing with healthcare claims in X12 EDI format? Check out our EDI Viewer.


This is a free version of our commercial tool for managing healthcare code sets.

This version has a limit on the size of the CSV export file and the size of the API responses.

Please contact us if you’re interested in the commercial version.

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