EDI Parser for Java

Our EDI Parser for Java is now available.

The parser is easy to use and requires no EDI knowledge.

Here is a quick example:

// parse all transactions in the file
EdiParsingResults results = parser.parse();
// results contains claims, payments, etc.
List<Claim> claims = results.claims();
Claim sampleClaim = claims.get(0);
// get some key attributes of the claim
BigDecimal billedAmount = sampleClaim.chargeAmount();
String patientControlNumber = sampleClaim.patientControlNumber();
// Providers
OrgOrPerson billingProvider = sampleClaim.billingProvider();
String providerNpi = billingProvider.identifier();
// Service lines
for (var line : sampleClaim.lines()) {
    String procedureCode = line.procedure().code();
    LocalDate serviceDate = line.serviceDateFrom();
    Integer unitCount = line.unitCount();
    UnitType unitType=line.unitType();

You can find more information here.

We have plenty of examples in our GitHub repo; the JavaDoc API for the parser can be found here.

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