EDI Parser for Java

You can now parse any X12 EDI file directly from your Java code. Our parser is easy to use, requiring no EDI knowledge.

The parser provides the following key features:

  • Support for all healthcare X12 EDI transactions
  • Intuitive object model for claims (837, all types) and payments (835), no knowledge of EDI is necessary
  • Easy-to-use API for navigating EDI segments and elements
  • Minimal dependencies, integrates with any Java application
  • Ability to parse large files; no limit on the number of transactions in a single file
  • Optional validation of healthcare codes
  • Healthcare codes can be enriched with descriptions, categories, and other metadata
  • Battle-tested with many thousands of EDI transactions
  • Support for the NCPDP telecom format
  • Support for many non-healthcare transactions, such as 850, 204, 820, 210, and others

We have plenty of examples in our GitHub repo; the JavaDoc API for the parser can be found here.

Register below to get the link to our Maven repo; you’ll be able to get started right away:

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