EDI and Claim (837)/Electronic Remittance Advice (835) Viewer

Upload your X12 EDI file and hit “Parse”. You can also copy-paste an EDI string.

Note: This version of the viewer has a limit on the size of the EDI input. Request access here for an unrestricted HIPAA-compliant version. You can also run the viewer locally (it takes only a few minutes to install), please follow the instructions.

You can see the demo of the paid version here.

Interested in converting X12 EDI files to CSV, Excel, or JSON? Check out our command-line EDI converter tool or our parsing API.

What's new: Conversion to CSV/Excel, with the support for 835 and 837P, directly from the UI.

Note on data privacy and HIPAA: We do not save EDI input from users. Uploaded files are deleted automatically as soon as the file is rendered. However, this is a free tool; do not use it to view PHI. Consider upgrading to out paid version instead.

We’re constantly improving the viewer; please sign up for our updates below: