EDI Viewer and 837/835 Claim/Payment (ERA) Viewer

This is a free version of the viewer. See how it compares with the commercial version here. Please fill out this form to get access to the full unrestricted version. You can run it locally, or use our cloud instance.

Upload your X12 EDI file, copy-paste an X12 EDI string/fragment, and hit “Parse” to get started.

If the ISA segment is not part of the input, the viewer will default to * as the element separator, ~ as the segment terminator, and : as the component element separator.

Please use the support button below to give us feedback or to request new features. You can also contact us at ediviewer @ datainsight.health.

You can also use our APIs to parse your EDI programmatically. The API returns JSON with all the same fields that you see on the screen.

New: API usage examples.

Note on privacy: We do not save EDI input from users. Uploaded files are deleted automatically once the parsing is done. Our parser runs entirely in memory; it does not rely on temporary files.

We’re constantly improving the viewer; please sign up for our updates below: