Viewer for NCPDP (Pharmacy) Claims and Other Transactions

If you are new to the NCPDP format, please see our intro to NCPDP to quickly get up to speed.

Your input should contain properly formatted NCPDP transactions with segment and field separators and the transaction (detail) header. Note that batch headers and trailers are ignored and not required.

Here is an example of the detail header. “B1” characters indicate the transaction code (pharmacy claim submission).

␂G11234567890123456D1B101        1234567890123     202108210000000100	

You can copy/paste this header before your NCPDP input; change the transaction code if needed. In the absence of a valid header, the parser will assume the “B1” transaction type.

Upload your NCPDP file or copy-paste text in the NCPDP telco format and hit “Parse” to get started.

You can use new lines in front of segment separators for readability.

Please use the support button below to give us feedback or to request new features. You can also contact us at ediviewer @

This is a free version of the viewer. See how it compares with the full version here.

You can also use our APIs to parse your NCPDP files programmatically. The API returns JSON with all the same fields that you see on the screen.

Note on privacy: your data is never persisted on disk; uploaded files are deleted as soon as they are parsed.

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