X12 EDI Converter and Parser

Convert your X12 EDI files into an easy-to-understand format

  • Forget about “loops” and “segments” – no knowledge of X12 EDI is necessary (837 and 835 transactions)
  • Intuitive field and object names that speak your language
  • All X12 codes (“qualifier codes”) are translated into “plain English.”
  • 100% of fields are converted; nothing is left behind
  • Automated lookup of descriptions for all healthcare code sets (ICD, NDC, CPT, etc.)
  • Convert to JSON or CSV

API or Command-Line, Your Choice

  • Use our API or the command line converter
  • Runs entirely on-prem; your data never leaves your network
  • Same output, same capabilities, API, CLI or Java

Scalable and Cloud-Ready

  • Convert thousands of small files or a few huge ones
  • Convert multiple input files into a single output file
  • Pull your EDI files directly from AWS S3 or Azure blob storage

Conversion to CSV

  • Single output file or separate files for parent-child data
  • Pick and choose what fields to convert (or everything by default)
  • Flexible conversion of repeating fields: concatenate or repeat columns
  • Define your separators, null values, and other parameters

Java Parser

  • Nothing to install; just add our dependency to your build
  • Flexible API
  • Spring/Spring Boot ready