EDI and 837/835 Viewer Release Notes

Improved Support for Contact Info (05/09/2024)

We improved parsing/rendering of PER segments (contact information) so that all contact numbers are now available via API and on the screen.

Improved Support for 270/271 Transactions (05/08/2024)

Additional Identifiers for Providers and Payers (04/17/2024)

Additional and secondary identifiers for providers and other entities are now fully supported.

Original Procedure and Unit Count on 835 (04/09/2024)

We’ve added support for SVC06/SVC07 for 835.

Support for Line-level Supplemental Amounts and Quantities (04/07/2024)

We’ve added support for service line-level supplemental amounts (AMT segments) and quantities (QTY segments) on 835.

Support for Additional Identifiers for Payer and Payee (03/20/2024)

We’ve added support for additional identification/identifiers for payer and payee loops on 835.

Support for Remark Codes (02/20/2024)

We’ve added support for the remark codes (LQ segments).

Support for Claim Filing Indicator Code (02/16/2024)

We’ve updated descriptions for the SBR09/CLP06 elements. We’ve added claimFilingIndicatorCode as a new field in API.

Also added amountQualifierCode and quantityQualifier (AMT01/QTY01).

Parsing of 277 (02/08/2024)

We’ve fixed some issues with the APIs for EDI parsing; 277 and other transactions are now fully supported.

Updated Codes (02/05/2024)

Parsing of TRN segment; rendering of amount in value code for institutional claims; API Python examples.

Updated Codes (01/16/2024)

We’ve refreshed our code tables with the latest diagnosis, procedures, and drug code sets from CMS and FDA.

Support for Additional Institutional Codes (01/09/2024)

Both the parser and the UI now support value codes and condition codes for institutional claims.

X12 Parsing API (01/06/2024)

Our parsing API now supports any X12 EDI transaction type.

Improved APIs (12/26/2023)

We’ve added the API for payment search.

The Claim/Payment JSON schemas have been cleaned up. We also added “formattedCode” field for diagnosis and drug codes.

Improved Search, Escape Key Shortcut (12/17/2023)

The text search in Claim Insight have been improved.

You can now use “Esc” to close a claim/payment details window to return back to the grid.

We added paid amount column to the list of service lines.

Claim Insight now supports text search for 835 transactions.

Java Parser (12/05/2023)

Our Java EDI parser is now available

Bug Fixes (11/30/2023)

We fixed several bugs and performed extensive code refactoring

Claim and Payment List Views (08/13/2023)

Please refer to this post

Header for the Claim and Payment Detail Views (08/08/2023)

We’ve added the header to the claim/payment details views. The header displays key fields, such as billed amount, service dates, place of service, etc.

We’ve also changed the look and feel of grids used for diagnosis, UB codes and adjustments. The grids now support multi-column sorting.

Payer/Payee Contacts and Additional Identifiers (07/31/2023)

The viewer now properly displays contact information (PER segment) and additional payer identifier for 835 transactions.

Support for NCPDP Telecom Header (07/23/2023)

We now support parsing of the NCPDP telecom transaction header. Previously, our parser supported only batch headers.

NCPDP Parser Fixes (07/17/2023)

Our parser is now able to parse NCPDP input without details headers. NCPDP headers are hard to deal with. They rely on fixed-length fields, which, by definition, are error-prone. There are also multiple flavors of the same header. The header in a batch environment has a different set of fields from the “regular” NCPDP header.

In case of any issue with headers, the parser simply ignores them; it then uses the schema for the “B1” transaction, which contains all of the key NCPDP segments, so the parser is able to parse most of the input.

Improved ISA Parsing (07/12/2023)

Parsing of “ISA” segments is now more lenient, allowing for situations when the fixed-length fields are shorter than required. The X12 EDI standard mandates that all elements constituting the ISA segment must be of fixed width. In real life, however, this requirement is often not followed. We can now parse EDI with such a malformed ISA segment.

Our payment viewer now properly displays facility type and the claim frequency (payment for an original claim or a resubmitted claim).

Updated APIs (07/06/2023)

We now provide public API to convert 835 transactions into payments. To see a sample response, navigate to an 835 example and click on “JSON” button. Our claim API now correctly parses 837 transactions containing multiple claims.

API for Converting NCPDP to JSON (06/22/2023)

We now provide API for converting NCPDP input into JSON. User can also export parsed NCPDP in JSON format using the “To JSON” button.

Our claim business view now correctly renders NDC number, quantity, units and prescription number for service lines.

Parsing of Numbers in NCPDP (06/11/2023)

We now correctly handle parsing numeric fields.

NCPDP Viewer Release (06/07/2023)

Our NCPDP viewer is now live. It supports all HIPAA telecom transactions, such as B1, B2, N transactions and others.

Support for Additional X12 EDI Transactions; “Clear” Button (06/04/2023)

We’ve added support for the following EDI transactions: 110, 309, 810, 856.

We’ve also introduced “Clear” button to make it easier to clean up between file uploads.

NCPDP Telecom Format Parser (06/02/2023)

Our NCPDP Telecom parser is ready to go. For now, we published a NCPDP B1 example, the NCPDP Viewer, which will be similar to our EDI viewer is coming soon.

Improved Rendering of EDI Values in the “EDI String Only” Mode (05/28/2023)

The tooltip now shows formatted values if they are different from the values from EDI. E.g., “11/11/68” vs. 19681111 for dates.

Expand/collapse (05/21/2023)

We’ve added “Expand” and “Collapse” buttons to the business views to open and close all details sections with a single button click.

Improved Rendering of COB claims with multiple payers and adjustments (05/14/2023)

We now properly render multiple payers in the claim’s business view. Each payer’s section contains adjustments and other info.

Support for all flavors of 277 and 820 transactions (05/07/2023)

277 has an “A” subtype. We now parse 277A according to its schema.

Support for Select Non-HIPAA Transactions (04/30/2023)

We’ve added support for transactions outside the healthcare domain based on the feedback from our users:

  • Motor Carrier Load Tender (204)
  • Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice (210)
  • Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820)
  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Planning Schedule with Release Capability (830)

More Intuitive Rendering of Nested Loops and Parent-Child Relationships (04/30/2023)

The viewer now properly renders the hierarchy of EDI loops so that the parent-child relationship (e.g., claim – service lines) is clearly delineated using indentation.

Support for All HIPAA Transactions (04/22/2023)

Added support for all HIPAA transactions, such as 270, 271, 277, 278, 820, 834.

Additional Fields in the 835 Business View (04/02/2023)

We’ve added support for some extra fields in our business-friendly view for payments (835). The fields include supplemental amounts and quantities, additional provider identifiers and many more.

Rendering of Adjustments for Claims (03/26/2023)

Added support for the CAS segment in claims and service lines.

835 (Payments) (03/15/2023)

Business view for 835 payment transactions, similar to claims.

Initial release (01/08/2023)

Initial release of the free version of the EDI viewer focusing on 837 transactions.

We’re updating the viewer on a regular basis; please sign up for the update below to stay on top of bug fixes, enhancements and support for new EDI transactions.