Free Online EDI Viewer

We’ve released a free EDI viewer on our website. The free version provides a subset of the functionality of a more comprehensive claim and EDI viewer that is part of our Claim Insight product.

The viewer, even in its free version, provides several interesting features:

  • It automatically adds descriptions (and other metadata, such as the code’s effective date) to all healthcare codes (procedures codes, diagnoses, taxonomies) and more generic X12 EDI codes/qualifiers
  • It can work with just a snippet or a fragment of an EDI transaction; you don’t need to submit an entire transaction
  • It can provide several levels of detail, from a brief view with just an EDI string to a more business-like representation of a claim (or other EDI transactions)
  • It can automatically convert EDI to JSON using our healthcare claim model

For example, you can enter just a single SV1 EDI segment string, and it will be decoded as the following:

Service line decoding

To see the code description, just mouse over the code button:

Service line with tooltip

Or you can click on the code button to see more details about that healthcare code:

Code Details

Here is a more complex example showing a billing provider loop’s EDI snippet:

Code Details

You can also upload an entire file with multiple transactions instead of copying and pasting EDI fragments.

We do limit the file size and the number of transactions in the file in the public version. Please contact us to get access to our commercial product that can handle files of any size and complexity.