Interactive Examples of X12 EDI Segments

X12 EDI format is built upon the notion of data segments. A segment is the fundamental building block of an EDI transaction. Segments are used to represent names, addresses, dates, money, etc.

In a healthcare setting segments containing medical codes (diagnosis and procedures) are important.

Anyone dealing with EDI needs to be familiar with these key segment types.

In this tutorial, we will present examples (snippets of data in X12 EDI format) to illustrate the usage of various segments and their elements.

All examples are interactive. Mouse over any portion of an EDI string to see the definition of an EDI element. You can also click on the segment ID (two or three-letter segment identifier) to view all the elements and descriptions in a convenient tabular form. Try it with a simple EDI string below.

Behind the scenes, we’re using Claim and EDI Viewer components of our Claim Insight ETL and analytics platform. We’re currently providing beta access to the EDI Viewer and Claim Insight. If you’d like to be able to use the same intuitive UI for your own X12 EDI data, please get in touch with us via this form.

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