Viewer for NCPDP Telecommunication Format (Pharmacy Claims)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the online viewer for NCPDP telecom format. The viewer is completely free; it supports all HIPAA transactions, such as B1, B2, N transactions, and so on.

The viewer has many features to help you deal with the NCPDP format:

  • Provides a human-readable description for all NCPDP segments and fields;
  • Supports data conversion of NCPDP numeric fields;
  • Decodes NDC numbers and other healthcare codes;
  • Visualizes non-printable NCPDP separators, such as ␞ (RS-Record Start) and ␜ (FS-Field Start);
  • Converts NCPDP to JSON; you can also use our API to do it automatically.

The viewer also supports the NCPDP batch standard; simply upload a file containing NCPDP transactions with separators and start reviewing it.

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