Docker Configuration

Claim Insight image is available from our docker hub’s repo.

You run Claim Insight container using docker compose or in any Kubernetes cluster.

This docker-compose file provides a good starting point for standalone configuration.

The default configuration includes a local instance of MongoDB. If you will be running your own MongoDB cluster to host the Claim Insight’s database (see below), you can remove the MongoDB service from the docker-compose file.

Follow these steps to run Claim Insight using docker compose:

  • Save your docker-compose file to the folder named clinsight.
  • Create a folder for the Mongo DB volume, it must be named “mongo_data”, e.g., mkdir mongo_data. If you want to use a different location, update the docker-compose.yaml
  • Navigate to the clinsight folder.
  • Run docker compose up -d from the clinsight folder.

The main URL for Claim Insight UI is http://:5080/clinsight/ui.

The API documentation is available at http://:5080/clinsight/api-docs

REST APIs are available at http://<your host>:5080/clinsight/api. For example, the URL for Claim API is http://:5080/clinsight/api/claims/default.

You can change the port by updating the port mapping of the Claim Insight’s docker container.

You should allocate at least 2GB to the Claim Insight container.